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Be part of your industry’s future – teach the workforce of tomorrow

Would you like to be a trainer, tutor, or assessor? Use your industry expertise to change or advance your career. Gain the skills to become a vocational education teacher or a trainer in the corporate world. Learn from experienced industry professionals and gain nationally accredited qualifications.

It’s a great way to use your current knowledge and industry skills to teach students who are training to become part of your industry. 

5 Reasons to study Certificate IV in Training and Assessment (TAE)

Discover 5 reasons to study a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment with Box Hill Institute:

1. Meet the changing needs of the industry

As the industry pushes for higher standards in Vocational Education, this requires trainers to remain relevant to the industry which means the Certificate IV in Training and Assessment has been updated to meet the current needs of the industry. The time to adapt to change is now.

2. Be trained by experts in the industry

Our professional trainers at Box Hill Institute are highly skilled, competent and have years of experience to ensure you develop all... (More)

Dino's Handing Over the Tools to the Future

Dino Rajapakse arrived in Australia from Sri Lanka and was keen to change his career. He had previously studied a Business and Marketing degree but he said, "I realised it wasn't for me, I didn't like sitting behind a desk all day, I like keeping busy."

Dino enrolled in a two year Diploma of Automotive Technology at Box Hill Institute as an international student. After graduating, Dino worked some short stints at a few workshops, before picking up work with Toyota. It was there that he realised how much he enjoyed sharing information and he began to explore ways he... (More)

The Impact of One Teacher

In 2019, Zohra Mohammad studied the TAE40116 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment at Box Hill Institute and she recently got in touch to tell us what a difference her teacher, Doug Kirkpatrick, has had on her career.

Zohra said, “Being a part of his class has been the highlight of my life! Doug is truly a passionate trainer. He goes above and beyond for every student. His level of teaching is exceptional he did indeed make sure my learning was maximised every time! Doug kept the classroom environment lively and kept everybody involved using various strategies. I did indeed... (More)