Discover 5 reasons to study a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment with Box Hill Institute:

1. Meet the changing needs of the industry

As the industry pushes for higher standards in Vocational Education, this requires trainers to remain relevant to the industry which means the Certificate IV in Training and Assessment has been updated to meet the current needs of the industry. The time to adapt to change is now.

2. Be trained by experts in the industry

Our professional trainers at Box Hill Institute are highly skilled, competent and have years of experience to ensure you develop all the knowledge and essential skills needed to grow your career in training and assessment. Learning in a face to face environment gives you the opportunity to have first-hand support from your trainers throughout the course, gain access to the best resources and gives you experience through practical classes and workplace learning.

3. Open doors to more career opportunities

The Certificate IV in Training and Assessment (TAE) is a national recognition as the entry-level qualification for employees working in vocational education, training and assessment. You will be qualified to train at a public training institution such as TAFE, Vocational College or any Registered Training Organisation (RTO). This certificate will also open career opportunities in a variety of industries such as work health and safety, human resources, aged care facilities and schools.

4. Strengthen your current skills set

In order to remain competitive in today’s job market, it’s imperative to refresh your skills and adapt to the changing needs of the industry. The Certificate IV in Training and Assessment will allow you to develop new strategies to effectively communicate to different individuals and groups, develop the necessary skills to plan and customise learning programs and how to best facilitate and assess groups and individuals taking into account different needs and situations.

5. Become a leader in your area of expertise

Whether you work in government, education, human resources or hospitality and services, you can train others in your area of expertise. With a dual qualification in Training and Assessment and your specialisation, you can lead the way and teach others. For example, if you work have completed a Certificate IV in Hairdressing and a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment, you are eligible to train others in a hairdressing certificate. If you’re looking for a career change, why not become a trainer in your area of expertise and inspire others.