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WEBINAR: Rev up your career with real automotive experience

Join Michael as he discusses studying Automotive with Box Hill Institute:

WEBINAR: Automotive courses offer you a chance to explore your passion for motor vehicles | Automotive at Box Hill Institute

Learn more about studying Automotive at Box Hill Institute:

Auto Facilities Tour

If cars get your engine revving, start a career as an apprentice mechanic! Take a look at our Automotive facilities:

Dino's Handing Over the Tools for the Future

Dino Rajapakse arrived in Australia from Sri Lanka and was keen to change his career. He had previously studied a Business and Marketing degree but he said, "I realised it wasn't for me, I didn't like sitting behind a desk all day, I like keeping busy."

Dino enrolled in a two year Diploma of Automotive Technology at Box Hill Institute as an international student. After graduating, Dino worked some short stints at a few workshops, before picking up work with Toyota. It was there that he realised how much he enjoyed sharing information and he began to explore ways he... (More)