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Join Owen Eales to learn more about studying VCE at Box Hill Institute.

Laboratory Techniques


Change the face of medicine, biotechnology, and the environment with a career in science. From product development to pathology testing to biosecurity, immerse yourself in the latest technology and laboratory techniques. Experiment with industry work placements or prepare for research or further study.

Vocational Student of the Year - Angela Moody

Angela Moody won Box Hill Institute’s Vocational Student of the Year award in 2019 for the outstanding dedication she demonstrated while studying the Diploma of Event Management, which she completed in 2018. She said, “To know that my efforts did not go unnoticed, was the best recognition I could have received.”

Having grown up in an event and hire family business, Angela has always had a natural passion for everything planning, developing and executing. Although she had a number of years’ experience in events, she did not have the qualifications. She decided to enrol in Box Hill Institute’s part time... (More)