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Student Profile: Kaleb Careri-Wilson

Plumbing student Kaleb Careri-Wilson studied a Certificate III in Plumbing and completing an apprenticeship with The Basin Plumbing Service. He said, "I have wanted to be a plumber since I was seven because my dad is a plumber and owns his own business. After I finished year 12, I started my apprenticeship with him so that I can learn from him and take over the family business when I get my plumbing license."

Although his dad is a plumber, Kaleb was still surprised by the wide range of areas in plumbing, including water supply, gas fitting, sanitary, roofing, drainage, mechanical... (More)

From Cutting Hair to Plumbing Houses

After hairdressing for 10 years, working in hospitality and working on a prawn troller in the middle of the ocean for three months, Traci Harris was up for a new challenge. She decided to enrol in the Certificate III in Plumbing at Box Hill Institute and recently won the Apprentice of the Year Award for 2019.

“I wanted a new challenge. I tried plumbing, electrical, building and plastering and I loved how diverse plumbing was,” she said. “I always hoped that my colourful work history would pay off and it really has. It’s an amazing feeling that my hard work... (More)

WEBINAR: Learn more about studying plumbing | Plumbing at Box Hill Institute

Join our webinar to discover how you can qualify in a range of industry-specific skills to become a registered plumber.