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Refrigeration & Air Conditioning
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WEBINAR: Study Refrigeration & Air Conditioning at Box Hill Institute

Join Len as he discusses studying Refrigeration and Air Conditioning with Box Hill Institute:

Our Refrigeration and Climate Control Centre of Excellence

Our Refrigeration and Climate Control Centre of Excellence is part of our Integrated Technology Hub. It delivers best practice, industry specific training, education and support for the air conditioning, refrigeration and mechanical services sector.

Len Raines Receives AMCA Distinguished Service Award

Box Hill Institute Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Coordinator, Len Raines has received the Air Conditioning & Mechanical Contractor’s Association (AMCA) Distinguished Service Award at the Training Achievement Awards and Industry dinner night held on Saturday 7 September 2019.

Accompanied by Box Hill Institute senior leaders, Len was recognised for his longstanding contribution to the industry and his strong reputation as a teacher.

The AMCA contribute to the success of their members by helping provide safe, healthy and productive spaces for people to live, work and play.

Len said, "It was huge honour to be recognised by industry for... (More)

Grandad Ups His Refrigeration Game

For the last 35 years, Brian Longmore has worked in the beverage industry. He started by selling equipment and moved on to working with breweries and providing installations of beverage equipment such as beer and spirit dispensing systems.

Brian turns 74 in June and is just nine weeks away from finishing his Capstone Assessment (Certification), which marks the completion of a three year apprenticeship in Certificate III Air Conditioning and Refrigeration.

Brian spent the first part of his career working as an air traffic controller in New Zealand. After being injured in a car incident, Brian lost his medical clearance... (More)