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Welcome to Box Hill Institute

At Box Hill Institute, we aim to empower you with the right skills to thrive and succeed in the global workplace. With over 250 nationally recognised training courses and qualifications, we are dedicated to your study and career options … and passionate about you and your future career.

WEBINAR: Future Job Trends- A Career Post COVID 19

With change and uncertainty in the job market, you might be wondering which step to take next. Our Skills and Jobs Centre can help. Join our experienced Employment Services Coordinator to learn about the latest job trends and future job predictions.

Learn more about our Skills & Jobs Centres:

WEBINAR: Free TAFE Courses at Box Hill Institute

Join Melinda Davis as she discusses Free TAFE at Box Hill Institute:

Former Student, Current Staff Member

Imagine being young, leaving home for the first time and travelling across the globe to get the education your parents never had. This is the story of Rheea Busawon, a young girl from Mauritius who came to Melbourne to obtain a higher education as an international student.

Although it’s been a long journey for Rheea, it has been worthwhile. After graduating with a Bachelor of Commerce from Box Hill Institute in 2018, Rheea achieved her first corporate job, in Box Hill Institute’s Finance department as a graduate accountant in 2019.

Rheea has worked hard work to achieve her success, from... (More)